Hundreds of thousands of people experience debilitating pain and/or chronic medical issues daily. 

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  • Dr. Recommendations
  • MMJ Cards                                     
  • Maintaining Local, State, & Federal Compliance
  • Home, Industrial, Commercial, &  Grows
  • Hydroponics, Soil, & Greenhouse
  • Increase Yields & Potency 
  • Security, Invasion, & Theft protection​
  • Chemicals, Health, & Growing safe product 
  • Key witness & political guide
  • Education-Public, Tribal, Private, & Corporate 
  • Child proofing and awareness 
  • Cost Efficiency 
  • Hands on Learning

An objective at Cannabis Consulting Group LLC  is to assist medical marijuana patients with obtaining their MMJ cards by providing professional expertise and consulting services.

Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ)

  • Assistance with the application process includes:​

  • Ordering the application 

  • Access to a provider for recommendations and physicals 

  • Notary services

  • Assistance with the application, including processing. 

​​Medical Services​​